What is PVC?

Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) is one of the most widely used plastic polymers in the world and is made from a mixture of additives and vinyl resins to create desired properties. A few of these additives are pigments (to provide even colour), impact modifies (to improve strength and toughness) and UV inhibitors (such as Titanium Dioxide, which protect the material from degradation).

What is 100% Virgin PVC?

100% virgin PVC simply means that the PVC products are not made from recycled plastics. Due to the unknown properties of the plastics being recycled, PVC products manufactured from recycled plastics are inferior, suffering in performance, longevity and aesthetics. 

What colours are available

We sell 3 different colours: White being our standard colour, alongside our premium Hampton Grey and Coastal Tan colours.

PVC or Timber?

Timber fences give you splinters, they rot, they're prone to vermin, they crack, peel, fade, warp and eventually, they fall down. To make a timber fence look even half decent, you need to stain it or paint it... regularly. No more. Timer fences are a thing of the past. A PVC fence will be looking fresh and new long after you've watched your neighbours fences rot away.

How much does PVC Fencing cost?

PVC is very competitive on price and you'll find that its slightly more expensive then timber but with triple the life expectancy and at least quadruple the style! PVC fences are also cheaper then current market prices for glass and metal fences. All of our prices are on this website. Simply click on the type of fencing you're after and find the style that suits you best. For a detail quote, send an email including a rough fence layout (with dimensions) drawing with your details and desired fencing style to our email address:

Is PVC safe and durable for my family?

PVC fences are not only safer than timber and metal fences, they are built tough to width stand the stresses of everyday life. No more worrying about your children belting a dent into your fence with a soccer ball! 

Is PVC suitable for my livestock?

PVC fencing has been used by farmers and the equestrian industry for many years! Most, if not all, major Australian Horse race tracks, including Flemington Racecourse (housing some of the most valuable horses in the country), use PVC fencing. 

Is PVC strong?

Not only is PVC strong, it is tough but also flexible! Pushing dents out of your metal fences or replacing split timber pailings will be a thing of the past. PVC is built tough for the tough Australian conditions. 

Is PVC fencing suitable for pool fencing?

Yes! We have various fencing styles that will meet your typical local pool fencing requirements, however we strongly urge you to check with your local council or contact a fool fencing inspector prior to purchasing. 

Is PVC fencing easy to maintain?

VERY! A quick wash with a hose or light jet wash whenever your fence gets too dirty will keep your fencing looking brand new! Much easier than painting right?

Does our PVC fencing have a warranty?

All of our PVC fencing comes with a 30 year limited transferable factory warranty. 

Is PVC fencing easy to install? Can I do it myself?

Can you use a measuring tae, a post hole shovel, string line and a spirit level? If you can, then YES you can definitely install this yourself! If no, then we suggest pouring through the vastness of YouTube to learn how, or contact one of our local installers to give you a hand!